25433 385492515658 5033870 nThe hard core competition anglers have certain rules they have to follow when entering Mormyshka competitions. One of these is that the Mormyshka must be smaller than 5mm. Mormyshka within this size are common on the market, but most of them have way too poor hooks. The Daphnia Mormyshka is an attempt to combine the catching colors of the Mussa with quality of hook. It has managed just that.

197331 10150155770950659 60924 nThe hooks on the Daphnia are High Quality Kamasan B400 hooks. the Tungsten bead has not been soldered on to the hook like they do with most Mormyshka as this would compromise the hooks quality. Soldering heats up the hook and weakens the alloy in the hook. In stead the Tungsten bead is tied on and then glued in place using epoxy. This is almost as strong as soldering, and doesn't compromise the hook. This is good news for anglers as it means no or at least much fewer fish lost to hooks breaking or bending.

The Daphnia comes in two sizes. Hook 14 and hook 16. Hooks are high quality Kamasan B400 hooks. Hooks are glued to the tungsten bead in stead of soldered. Bead sizes are 2,7mm and 3,2mm. Some colors are fluorecent, and some are even glow in the dark as well.
Photo Description Appeared Color
 0000 SIlver Green A common silver color with an additional Yellow strike point. 2011 Silver/Yellow
 0000 redn white  A winner color for the Mussa, and a winner color for Daphnia. Super glow in the dark white and red. Godo for those early morning competitions on gray days. 2011 Red'n White
 0000 green red  A darker and simple version of the Parrot. Green and red in stead of Green Yellow Orange. 2012 Green'n Red
 0000 Yellow Orange  A simplified parrot color in glow in the dark colors. 2012 Yellow / Orange
 0000 gold orange  The classic gold with a twist. 2010 Gold'n Orange
 0000 parrot  The classic parrot color. With a little darker green than usual. A NO.1 fish catcher. 2012 Parrot
 0000 Black Yellow  Black and yellow is a good color combination found in just about any kind of lure. Also here this is a killer color. 2010 Black'n Yellow
 0000 black All serious ice anglers have at least one completely black Mormyshka. this is an all round killer that is at it's best on sunny days in the spring. 2010 Black
 0000 mother of Pearl  Why not a maggot colored Mormyshka. After all Maggots are what is considered the most common bait on the ice. 2012 Mother of Pearl
 0000 night sky  Some times it is all about dazzling the fish with detailed colors. This black Daphnia with gold holographic glitter will do just that. 2013 Stary Night
 0000 Blue Pearl  Some colors will be modest and yet show up bright on a long distance. The blue pearl will do just that.  2013 Blue pearl
 0000 copper vein Imitating the color of the insects that the fish feed on is often what is needed. Specially when the fish are slow. 2013 Copper vein