Arctic Char on the IceThe Mussa was the first product from Aurebu, and our first product as well. They are hand made Mormyshka that are specialized for fishing Arctic Char and Brown trout on the ice. They have however proven them selves to be killers for Perch, Roach, Whitefish and Grayling as well. Since they are so much larger than a conventional Mormyshka there is no need for them to be made out of Wolfram or tungsten. In fact if they where, they wouldn't fish. In stead they are cast in lead, given a few coats of powder paint before details are painted on them, and 3D eyes added. The final touch is either a layer of UV-Blast or clear varnish. The Mussa is balanced so that it will swim a little like a balance jig when baited with the right number of maggots. Also a small worm or fish will work well as bait for larger fish. Even a short jig body will work well.

Red n WhiteAs mentioned than some of the models have a coating of UV-Blast. UV-Blast is a clear coat that is invisible to the human eye. It's effects are that where we can not see it, the fish can. You can see what the fish sees by shining a UV flashlight on the lure. Fluorecent colors will shine up, and so will the UV blast. As well as the UV-Blast there are also Fluorecent and glow in the dark colors on some of the Mormyshka. This helps the fish see the Mormyshka better when fishing deep down or in the darkest months of the winter. Specially when fishing for Arctic Char this has proven to be effective.

Why confine your Mormyshka fishing to ice fishing ? If you try Mormyshka fishing during the summer you are absolutely in for a treat.



The Mussa model of Mormyshka is made out of lead. It is perfectly balanced for optimalized fishing. Some colors are Fluorecent, and some even are Glow in the ark. Hooks are strong Mustad gold plated hooks with an Aberdeen bend for optimal hooking of the fish. We recomend bright colors early in the season for Arctic Char, and darker colors late in the season, and for Brown trout.
Photo Description Appeared Color
 0001 This color was made by mistake after picking the wrong two base colors when making the yellow Tiger pattern. At first only a few of these where made, and sold together with some left over models and proto types. Later the angler that had purchased the original lot came back and requested more in this color. He had been using this color all winter and it had been his best bet even when the fish weren't willing to bite.  2010  Green Tiger
 0002  The white tiger model has been one of the early big catchers. Specially large Perch like this color.  2008  White Tiger
 0003 The yellow Perch color has proven to be the best trout catcher, but also big Perch and Arctic char like this color. In 2013 the model was upgraded with 3D eyes.  2009  Yellow Perch
 0004  This is a new color for the 2014 season. It showed promising catches during test fishing, and passed the needle eye to become one of the new colors. This color seems to be an all roud color.  2014  Trout
 0005  This is also a new color for the 2014 season. It was actually our best catcher for Arctic Char during test fishing winter 2013/2014. This color gave us some really nice and big Arctic Char.  2014  Perch
 0006  Spigg is the swedish name for stickleback. This color imitates the male Stickleback in mating colors. The color is a winner for Brown trout.  2010  Spigg
 0007  The Pink clown has shown it's worth when fishing for Rainbow Trout on the ice. the bright fluorecent and glow in the dark pink color will awake any winter cold rainbow to strike.  2010  Pink Clown
 0008  Another color for winter cold rainbow, though also a killer for Arctic Char early in the season.  2010  Yellow Clown.
 0009  The Devils Polka is the counterpart to the Angels Polka. Where the Angels polka has shown to be the very best color for Arctic Char early in the season, this color has shown it's worth late in the season. We even have gotten reports of this color being the winner at ice fishing competitions where the target fish have been Perch and roach.  2010  Devils Polka
 0010  Originally an experimental color with red dots in stead of fluorecent orange. This color showed it's worth on it's first fishing trip by luring a 2 kg Brown Trout to strike. Immediately after it turned out to be a big catcher with 70% of the total catch for the test season. It didn't matter if there where ten rods side by side with the one with this color in the middle. The fish took this color most of the time. One angler burst into tears of joy when his supplier told him that they had it in stock for him. He had just been fishing and lost the trout of his life when his line snapped and the trout swam away with his last Angel Polka.  2010 Angels Polka
 0011  The second best catcher during the test fishing winter 2009. While the Angels Polka caught 70% of the fish, this one caught 27%. Leaving only 3% of the catch to the remaining 5-6 colors that we used that year. Using super glow colors and a recent upgrade to 3D eyes this one is a killer for early winter Arctic Char.  2010  Red'n White
 0012  Our first real big catcher. This is the color that got it all started. According to the manufacturer this was the first color they made, and at that time all production was only for personal use as well as for a few friends. The rumors of all the big catches on this Mormyshka had people knockling on the door asking to buy them. From then on the ball started to roll on it's own.  2007  Orange
 0013  Simple and basic colors often are the only thing that works. Specially during the months of March and April. Dark colors such as this one sticks out against the white ice above, and makes an easy target for hungry fish.  2008  Minnow
0014  The pumpkin colored Mormyshka is another of those key colors when the fish get picky.  2010  Pumpkin
 0015  Two colors that are often used are Silver and Gold. They are both good for Perch and roach. Most competition anglers have at least one of both colors in their tackle box.  2010  Silver
 0016  Two colors that are often used are Silver and Gold. They are both good for Perch and roach. Most competition anglers have at least one of both colors in their tackle box.  2010  Gold
 0017  Besides Silver and Gold, Black is a very common color. Specially on bright days during the spring.  2010  Black
 0018  The super glow red is one of those early colors that made the name for this Mormyshka. Recently upgraded with 3D eyes we are certain that this one is a winner. Also red is probably "the" color that is most used on any lure or fly of any kind ever.  2008  Red