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3D eyes

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  • Published: Wednesday, 27 August 2014 10:55
  • Written by Matthew G. Hauge
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3D eyes.


3DeyeDuring the process of finding stable supplies of materials for our manufacturer of lures we found that the traditional 3D eyes often used on lures where quite dull. The most realistic 3D eye to be found was a tricolor eye with an oval shaped pupil. Not much to brag about, so we asked our manufacturer of 3D eyes to make a model based on a photo of a real fish eye, print it on holographic foil and create a 3D eye out of this. The result where five colors of 3D eyes where we have got three colors made for us.

These are the most realistic 3D eyes you can find on the market, and a joy for us to present to you. They are used today by hobby fly tiers and Lure builders to larger manufacturers of lures all over the world. We even have shipped eyes to countries such as Japan, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

We naturally have some of the more traditional 3D eyes in stock as well. The 3D eyes are on sheets, and come in cellophane bags, but can be packed in small plastic boxes with smaller quantities to fit your shops needs. The reason for not packing all our eyes in boxes or bags with smaller quantities is that many of our customers are manufacturers and packing eyes in smaller packs would then be a waste of time and effort.



Living eyes
Picture Color Description Size Sheet 
 Brown Trout 09  Brown-Trout  A super realistic or living 3D eye. We call this eye Brown Trout, but it can just as well be used to copy several other fish species. The eye is actually based on a photo of a Pike eye. A 4,5 kg (11lb) pike caught on 0,12mm (2lb) mono and a hook 16 Mormyshka. Many people call these eyes 4D eyes, because they are a 3D eye with a holographic background which in it self is a 3D image.     
 Roach 07  Roach  This is a super realistic eye based on a photo of a real roach caught by a 6 year old boy on a small pond in Härjedalen in Sweden while ice fishing. A popular color for lures and flies.    
 Whitefish 07  Whitefish  A popular color for most lures that imitate small fish. The eye is actually based on a photo of a whitefish/vendance caught in Härjedalen in Sweden.    
 Herring 08  Herring  This pattern is called Herring. It can be used for imitations of just about any silver colored fish. Sticking a 3D eye on your softbait will allow you to set a trigger point for fish to strike at. We can recommend using a drop of super glue when attaching 3D eyes to softbaits.    
Graphical eyes     
Picture Color Description Size Sheet
 Ghost 03  Ghost Called Ghost, this eye is actually an octopus eye. It is also in the category Living eye or 4D eye.      
 Green Frog 04 Green-Frog  A green reptile or frog eye with an holographic background. Category "Living eye or 4D eye"    
 Red Frog 02  Red-Frog A red reptile or frog eye with an holographic background. Category "Living eye or 4D eye"      
 Monster 04  Monster  Monster is a pure graphical eye with no holographic or reflective film in the background.    
 Steel 03  Steel We believe this is the actual eye of a bluefin tuna, or similar species of fish. The eye has a holographic background.  Category "Living eye or 4D eye"    
 Parrot 04  Parrot  A graphical 3D eye with a holographic backgrouond. Category "Living eye or 4D eye".    
Sunspot 04 Sunspot A graphical 3D eye with a holographic backgrouond. Category "Living eye or 4D eye".    
Holographic eyes
 Tricolor  Tricolor  A traditional 3D eye with a little more advanced color set. A silver eye with an orange ring around a oval, black pupil. This is a common 3D eye for many lures and flies. It can naturally also be used for other hobby projects. We recommend using additional glue, or covering the eye with epoxy or UV resin when tying flies or making lures.    
 black mirage black 03 Black-Mirage-Black  A beautiful 3D eye with a holographic/pearlescent glow to it.  Category 4D eyes.    
 Mirage black 02 Mirage-Black  A beautiful holographic pearl colored eye with a black pupil. Category 4D eyes.    
Glow and fluorescent eyes
 Glow in the dark  Glow_In_The_dark A simple white 3D eye that glows in the dark.     




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