1150728 10151803005790659 166042848 oWhile on a fishing trip to Pello in Finland to fish Salmon, the local anglers made fun of us “tourists”. Even though we where all well experienced anglers, and had a huge selection of lures with us they laughed at our lures and said go home and fish Pike with your lures. They won't catch anything else here. Even my famous Norwegian Salmon lures made out of silver plated copper where not good enough. Sure enough, the only thing we caught was pike.

This set an idea in our heads to make a great lure for salmon and trout. The guys we where camping with where locals, and experts in their fields. We had the local guru of making lures for the Tornio river. A world champion trolling angler, a fly fisherman on the Finish national team, and a fly casting instructor to learn from.

Using elements from what we learned there and our own combined 60 years experience in fly tying, lure building and angling, we started to test out various ideas, and prototypes. Five years of intense testing, research and honing on our skills we wound up with a prototype ready for the first test trip. 1185198 647428605281418 1174268535 n

Pike 5.5kg HundsjönOur test trip was set to be a week end in August 2013. Two lures had been sent to an angler in Trondheim which was to fish salmon. Our own testing would be done at our yearly fishing camp. Unfortunately the weather this week end was not at all the best for trout fishing. Beautiful weather on the first evening, then lots of rain and wind, a little sun again, then rain again. Part of the time it was blowing so bad that we could just forget going out in the boat. Still, we caught lots of fish.

We where six men there during the camp, and there was caught about 15 brown trout, over 20 Perch, and two pike. All but the smallest pike and one of the trout was caught by one angler. The guy using the new prototype lures.The four largest trout being 1,1 - 1,6 - 1,8 and 2,2 kg. The Perch all being between 600g and 1,3 kg.

When we got back from our trip a report from the salmon angler had arrived by E-Mail. He had been fishing three times and caught two salmon. The largest 7,5 kg.







Historic Color Chart and description.
Photo Appeared Description Color Orderable
 001 02 2013 This color was made on request from Torshov Sport in Oslo. He had asked for a color with white/Silver and a black back. We made a twist to the color by giving it a blue head. This model is equipped with our superrealistic 3D eyes. 0001 Yes
 002 02  2013 A simple Perch color. We selected this color on a fishing report from a customer using one of our prototypes. She had had some fantastic good fishing for perch and Pike using this color. Therefor we decided to keep the simple perch color in stead of developing a more fancy color. This color also uses our Superrealistic 3D eyes. The green pattern is using fluorescent green color which shows up very well in murky waters where perch most often are found. 0002  yes
 003 02  2013 A fine Rudd imitation. This is a common bait fish for many species of fish. This color has our Superrealistic 3D eyes. Also Gold combined with red is a classic color combination.  0003  yes
 004 02  2012 This color is one of our most popular colors for salmon. It is a fairly simple color that shows up very well in the water. The orange body is fluorescent, and the black gives a very good contrast.  0004  Yes
 005 03  2013 The Sunset Tiger color is a classic Yellow/Gold/Red combination that catches very well. The fluorescent Yellow base color and the black stripes give a perfect contrast, and equipped with our Superrealistic Trout eyes the fish had a perfect strike point. This is one of the colors that has given us most fish.  0005  Yes
 006 02  2013 This color got it's name, "Tequila Sunrise" from a American name for a beautiful Pink and Purple sky that sometimes occurs, and has the same name. We use fluorescent pink, purple and blue for this lure with some irridecent blue for the back, and superrealistic 3D eyes. This color is a killer for Salmon, but also trout seem to love pink and purple colors. So if you aren't afraid to try "Girly" colors we can say that you are in for a treat.  0006  Yes
 007 02  2013 A good salmon color. It is supposed to be used in similar conditions as the Fire color (004), but has a little darker tone. The Orange base color is fluorescent, and the red gives a fade to the black back.  0007 Yes
 008  2013  A color inspired by one of the most common colors used for Cod, Sea trout and Salmon in Norway. Famous names like Hørgård, Sølvkroken, Jensen and Trønder skeia have used this on their lures. Of course we have our own twist that we believe to be an improvement to everyone else. Our base color is fluorescent Yellow. We also have our Superrealistic 3D eyes mounted on the lure.  0008  Yes
 009 02  2013 Blue herring is a classic color that should be in any tackle box. In fresh water it resembles a roach with our superrealistic 3D Roach eyes. Specially Perch and sea trout love this color.  0009  Yes
 0010 03  2013 The black with a fluorescent Orange Fire tail gives good contrast in the water as well as it is dark enough to give a great silhouette against the surface. Fish can't resist the fluorescent orange tail wagging from side to side.  0010 Yes
 011  2010 This color was inspired by our most popular color on our Mormyshka. We created this color combination as a tribute to the Angel Polka colored Mormyshka that caught almost 80% of our fish while ice fishing for Arctic Char the winter of 2009. On The Aurebu Hunter lure it also has proven to give some really nice fish. Naturally it is equipped with our Superrealistic 3D eyes  0011 Yes
 012 02  2013

No series of lures that imitate fish without at least one that looks like a Brown Trout, Right ?? Well here is ours. It has proven to be a great all-round lure for Trout, Salmon, Sea-trout, Perch, Pike and Zander.

Of course it has our Superrealistic 3D eyes , and we have used a fluorescent yellow base color for extra visual effect.

 0012 Yes
 0013  2010 While experimenting with materials to decorate our lures we made this as an experimental Trout color. The lure catches fish quite well, but the cost of manufacturing the color and the lack of a steady source of the base film used has prevented us from continuing this color. There are a few of these out there as we sold the ones that we made, so putting this lure in the chart is more information for collectors.  0013 NO
 014  2014 This color called "Ekbergs Papegoy" was made on request of one of our customers, Ekbergs Fiske in Vemdalen in Sweden. He wanted a "parrot" colored lure for his shop, so we made one exclusive for his shop. It has his Logo as well as the Aurebu Logo on it. The lure also has our Superrealistic 3D eyes mounted. The color is intended for use to catch Trout and Perch. 0014 Exclusive
 015  2014 This color was requested from an end customer, so we made it specially for him. He wanted a black lure with yellow stripes. The model is quite simple but effective.  0015  Yes
 016  2012 Blue and white are good base colors for lures. This one has a silver colored head. It was tested in the lake where the Hunter series of lures was developed, and it has given some nice fish. On our test trip in 2013 it caught us a 1,1 kg Brown trout, and immediately after, on the next cast, a nice 600g Perch.  0016  Yes
 017  2011 With inspiration from the colors on lures used in the Tornio river and aquarium fish that often have horizontal stripes along their side this color was tested for a while in various waters. It was used in Päijänne in Finland where Zander, Pike and Perch where caught on it, and On Stora Lee in Sweden where Brown trout took it. It also caught several Perch and Brown trout in Hundsjön in Härjedalen in Sweden. I believe this is a color we will see a lot more of in the future.  0017 Yes
 018  2012 A general Salmon color for those not interested in having the fluorescent colors on their lures. In stead the lure has a wicked red color with black markings. A color that catches quite well.   0018 Yes
 019  2014 Have you ever seen a lure that you just know will catch fish ? Well, when we made this color we had that same feeling. We make a point out of adjusting all our lures in real conditions. This also means that we some times catch fish on lures intended for sale. This lure had a nice brown trout chase it out of the water. The fish actually came like a torpedo from out under a log and jumped after the lure that we just had pulled out of the water. The splash sprayed us with water. This was on the very first cast with this lure. Since then it has continued to catch fish. Equipped with our superrealistic 3D Trout eyes.  0019 Yes
 020  2014 Another catching minnow color that also gave some nice strikes when tuning the very first one. We have naturally mounted our Superrealistic 3D eyes on the lure.  0020 Yes
 0021 02  2011 An experimental color that we only made a few of. It catches fairly well, but unfortunately the base foil is difficult to find, so we decided to stop making them for sale.  There are a few of these lures on the market, so we have left this one here for collectors. 0021 NO
 022  2012 A salmon color that is quite popular. This lure was originally made with a square spoon, but we changed it to the traditional rounded step spoon to fit the other lures in the Hunter series.   0022 Yes
 0023  2014 This color was called "A clear night" as it resembles a clear night with stars on the sky. The color was requested from an end customer who wanted to use it for night fishing for salmon.  0023 Yes
 0024  2014  Another color requested by an end customer. We call it teaser as it teases with blue scales, red and green. Colors that normally don't combine too well. Equipped with superrealistic 3D eyes.  0024 Yes
 0025  2014 Natural Herring was developed for an end customer that wanted a silver lure with a black back. We suggested to add the Orange Fluorescent throat, a blue green tint to the base color and Silver scales for a more realistic look. The color combination was most welcome both by angler and fish.  0025  Yes
 0026  2014 The "Blue Minnow" was the result of just experimenting with colors. It also was one of those colors that fish struck on while adjusting the very first one, and even on the first cast. I guess the fish told us what it wanted, so let's see if his brothers and sisters around the world say the same.   0026 Yes
 0027  2014 With Shell Veneer gill covers this black lure has an exclusive color. The process of putting shell veneer on a lure is time consuming and expensive. The Shell veneer is made of thin slices of real shells that have been glued together to make a fine sheet film for putting on lures, guitar handles fine knives etc. making the veneer is a job done by hand, so the material is naturally expensive. It also gives a beautiful finish when used in the way we have.
Most of all the fish seem to like this as well.
0027 Yes
 0028  2014 This Burbot colored lure was made on request from "Peter Flytier Dahlström". He is somewhat a celebrity in Sweden for his creative flies and other quirky inventions. He is most known for his "Hamsters". A Bombarda float added hooks and covered with fur. He calls them his bombarda flies. Well, his rather odd color request was met, and turned out to catch fish quite well, so we decided to make more of these and offer them to our business customers. 0028 Yes
 0029  2014 An end customer asked for a yellow spotted version of our lure as this was his favorite color both when using casting lures and spinners. Why not, we said and made one for him. We where surprised of how cool it looked when pulled through the water, and decided to put it as a regular on our color chart.  0029 Yes
 0030  2014 An experimental color that has been discontinued due to poor supply of the base film. There are however a few of these in tackle boxes, so we leave it in our list for collectors. 0030 NO
 0031  2014  A color that was requested by an angler set to fish Zander. This color is not only good for Zander, but also pike, trout, Salmon and seatrout. The body has a white belly with shell veneer sides and fluorecent orange back, as well as superrealistic 3D eyes.  0031  Yes
 0032-01  2014  A darker an a little more realistic Perch pattern with our superrealistic 3D eyes. 0032 Yes
0033-01 2014 Peters Baby blue is another color requested by a customer. He wanted a  lure with a baby blue color with black back, and superrealistic roach eyes, and red fins. 0033 YES
0034-1 2015 This pearl and green color was requested from a customer that had seen some of our old prototype wobblers. One was painted in this color using good old spray cans. This was before "the age of the Airbrush". This new one is of course painted using an airbrush, and given our superrealistic eyes. This color was intended for use on Salmon in salmon river is the UK. 0034 YES
0035 2015 Another color aimed for the UK rivers and Salmon. Using shell veneer means several extra layers of Epoxy to get a smooth finish, and also some extra layers of paint. 0035 YES
0036 2015 A basic Gold/Black/Red color which is a great combination in most waters. No fancy scales, fins or details. Only the angler cares about such details. The fish are having a hard enough time trying to catch it and bite it. 0036 YES
0037 2015 Silver black with a touch of red. back to basic colors that we all know fish very well. 0037 YES
0038 2015 Steampunk. A beautiful black and gold combination that really catches fish. 0038 YES
0039 2015 Retro. Another Black/Gold/Red combination for trout and salmon. 0039 YES
0040 2015 The Tiger. Tiger colored lures have shown their worth for trout, salmon and a large range of other species. THis is our version, and it has shown to be extremely effective. 0040 YES
 0041  2015  A customer request color that is very good for trout and salmon.  0041  Yes
0042 2015 The favorite color sheem of one of our customer. He requested a hunter painted in this color, and this is the result.   0042 Yes
0043 2015  The inverse Black/Orange sheme. a good color for night fishing as the dark "tail" shows up very well against the night sky.  0043 Yes
0044 2015 Another classic color combo.  0044 Yes
0045 2015  A color requested from a customer for fishing seatrout.  0045 Yes
  2016   0046 YES
  2016   0047 YES
0048-01 2015  A trout variation that has prooven very effective in murky waters.  0048 Yes
0049 2015  The rainbow trout combination for clear water fishing.  0049 Yes
0050-01 2015  Perch catching color that has lots of big perch on it's concious.  0050 Yes
 0051 01  2017  A color designed and asked for by a customer.   0051  Yes
 0052 01  2017  A color designed and asked for by a customer. This color has shown to be very effective for Perch.   0052  Yes
 0053 01  2017  A color designed and asked for by a customer. This color has shown to be very effective for Perch and Salmon.  0053  Yes
0054 01 2017 A color designed and asked for by a customer 0054 Yes