DSC 0184We had long dabbled with the thought of creating an exclusive series of wrap rods to compete with the carbon fiber rods that already exist on the market. Carbon fiber is light and strong, but as all other carbon products it has a binding material which is some sort of plastic. It is also a cold and dead material. We wanted to make our rods to be something more, something special, so we looked for other sources of materials. Our first choice was some sort of wood. Balsa would be warm to hold,  byt way too soft, so we went for the next best thing. Abachi. The same as with balsa, abachi has few or no knots, but it is a hardwood that also is very light, and it is strong, so we could use a much slimemr design than with Balsa. We wouldn't ahve to use much of a protective coating either.

20150104 Big perch and whitefish on 1lb line and a hook size 20However, by chance we stumbled over a plywood that seemed to be a much batter option than using whole wood. This plywood is only 3mm thick. It has several layers of wood, and is stronger than composite materials. it is also almost as light ac composite. Since it is wood it will have a warm and plesant feel to hold.
Next step was to design the shape of our rod. We studied the strengths and weaknesses of current products on the market, and found that we wanted to go for decent funtionality in front of weight, so we designed a rod that will reduce wobbling of the reel, have a plesant grip, and no sharp edges for the line to get hung up on. We also removed the cross bail often found on composite rods. For us this cross bail only gets in the way, as out material is more than strong enough anyhow.

BodasjönWe also made the handle to be three layers thick. We wanted a solid grip and stiffer rod than a single layer of wood would give us. We considered the option of using a single layer of plywood, and putting a foam or cork cover to make the grip more comfortable, but this would not give a firm enough grip, and stiff enough rod to our liking.

The rod is designed such that it will work both for right handed and left handed people. Just swap the spool to the other side of the rod, and do the same with the bail and the spring tip bobber.

DSC 0168An extra feature that we have made is a stainless steel bail that hangs under the spring tip bobber. This is an optional feature, but quite cool one at that. It acts as a guard to prevent the spring tip bobber getting a permenent bend to it when catching large fish. It also provides a small yet extra snap when you hook the fish which allows better penetration of the hook.

A prototype was made and tested before launch. It performed over all expectations. Even when catching jumbo sized fish. We have caught 1kg (2,2lb) perch with it, Arctic Char and also 1kg (2,2lb) whitefish with the rod. It is light enough to handle with ease without getting your wrist tired after a day of pulling up hundreds of fish, and it is yet heavy enough and comfortable enough to hold that it doesn't feel like a cheap toy in your hands.

Custom Wrap RodWe can also customise these rods for you. If you want your shops logo on it, or a club logo, or different colors, let us know. we will put the design you wish on your rods.

Material 3mm and 2mm  thich 7 layer knot free plywood of Birch.
Weight Aprox 40g to 70g depending on size
Right /Left Handed Yes, by swapping the reel to the other side of the rod.
Dimensions Three sizes, 20cm, 24cm and 28 cm long. 10cm wide
Spool Cold resistant plastic 5,8cm dia. Metal or plastic screw.
90° Tip Fishing Yes Can be swapped.
Streight tip Fishing Yes can be swapped.
Lure weights From 0g and up depending on the tip you use.