ljusnan080219 When moving here to Sveg I brought with me 18 years of experiance from working in a sports store selling fishing, hunting, and outdoors gear. Naturally I hadn't only been selling these products, but also using them. In fact then the main reason for me to move here, and not take a job in one of the large cities, such as Oslo in Norway, was the fishing. I have lived in a large city before, and it was nothing for me. I quickly made many friends with the same intrests as me. We have travelled around the valley, trying out new fishing spots ever since. One of my friends was running a site called "Countryfishers" this site went down when he moved to a different city, and he didn't have the time to set it up again. 

Since we didn't have any website for us who was fishing here in the valley, i purchased countryfisher.com, and started a completely new site. By then the intrest for a website among my friends had cooled down, so I decided to build the site with a different angle. A sort of fishing blog with guide services.

As the local tourist assosiation where asking me to act a s a fishing guide, and market the area for fishing and outdoor activities, this site has become the natural choice. Currently I have been the only one to add fishing reports to this site. This will be changing. One of my buddies here is also interested in adding his reports. Hopefully you will be able to read a lot of fishing stories from the area, and view hundreds of photo's. It is not without reason that they call this valley "Härliga Härjedalen" (Wonderful Härjedalen).