BluegillAre you fishing with a product bought on one of our webshops, or from one of our customers shops ? If so here is how you can be lucky and win a handsome prize. 
Take a photo of your catch, and make sure you get the gear you where fishing with in on the photo, and send the photo to us in the best possible resolution that you can. All photo's that are sent in will be in the competition, so the more photo's you take, the better the chance you got to win. The photo's will be sent to at least six different judges for evaluation. The Judges don't know one another, and they don't know the contestants, and most of them don't even fish. This is so we get as fair a judging as possible. Each judge will pick out the 12 best photo's and give them each points from 1 to 12 where the best photo gets the highest points. When the judges have done their job, they send the results back to us, and we will add up the points. The photo that gets the highest score wins the top prize, while the rest that got points will receive a smaller prize. We won't announce the size of the prize until all photo's have been sent in and on to the judges. this is because the more contestants we get in, the higher the prize. As an example the first year we had this competition, ten people sent in photo's. the prize that year was a three piece set of our hand made Hunter lures. In 2013 we had about 30 contestants and then the prize was a Deeper fish finder worth over 250€. Lets see if we can get even more contestants this year. And note that it isn't a matter of catching the biggest fish. Big fish are fun, and exhiting, but it is the best photo that counts. Even if the catch is a very small fish.