Storaure02Welcome to the Countryfisher's main website. We started out in 2008 as a fishing guide service, but have evolved from that to become a full fledged chain of webshops, and supplier of fishing gear. We litterally have put a new face on fishing world wide by our development of realistic 3D eyes. We suggested for our manufacturer of 3D eyes that they use photo's of real fish eyes and holographic film as base for a new series of eyes for lures, flies and jigs. 

Our hand crafted and semi hand crafted products are sold under the Aurebu brand name. Our first products where flies and mormushka (Ice fishing jigs). these where specially made for fishing Arctic Char in the lakes and ponds in Härjedalen in Sweden. They soon got popular by the locals and are today also being exported to Finland and Norway. A few have even found their way to other parts of the world where ice fishing isn't possible, but where the ice fishing jigs have shown their worth for ultralight fishing or boat fishing. We continued from there to manufacture our own series of crank baits. Our most popular model, Hunter, was specially created for trout fishing in some of the larger lakes in Härjedalen.

They have not only been good trout catchers, but they have become popular for salmon fishing in all the Nordic countries. They are also good catchers of jumbo sized perch, as well as Zander and a whole series of other species. Whitefish 05

While getting started with the manufacturing of our lures we where looking for cheaper ways to get materials for our lures. One of these components where the 3D eyes that most lures have. In stead of purchasing lots of small bags of 20 eyes in each we went directly to the source, and started to purchase eyes from the factory. We where not satisfied with the standard 3D eyes, so we asked the factory if they could develop a series of super realistic eyes based on photo's of real fish eyes that are printed on holographic foil. The result was a 3D eye no one ever had seen the likes of. We like them so much that we have started to sell them to shops, lure manufacturer, and tackle craft shops all over the world. They are literally changing the face of the sports fishing world, so if you don't have them on your lures, or in your shop now you better get them quick before everyone else has them. Of course they are not only used on lures, but also flies, and jigs as well, and there are even artists using them on their wood carvings !

With our first step into the distribution side of fishing gear we just have had to take step number two, so we have started to deliver some few, but very smart products for the angler. Such as flylipps, a lure lip specialized for flies, and the Deeper Fish finder, the worlds first fish finder that uses your smart phone or tablet as a screen in stead of the very out dated system with a crappy computer with a low res screen and specialized software locked to it, and raising the cost to unrealistic prices. Not only does the Deeper free you from a lot of the extra cost that conventional fish finders have, but it also frees you from all cables, allowing the fish finder to become ultra portable, and able to be used where fish finders haven't been used before. You can carry it in your pocket to that far away mountain lake, and toss it out with your rod and finally get a glimt of where those hard to get trout are hiding, or scan the bay you usually go pike fishing in to find where those big monsters are hiding.

As we develop our own new products and find new products from other bright minds out there we hope that you will want to join us for the ride, for we are heading into a bright future where our customers are the ones leading the way.