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Calendar 2018

  • Category: News
  • Published: Sunday, 07 January 2018 11:27
  • Written by Matthew G. Hauge
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HundsjönWe where going through ouor photo's  from 2017 and 2016 and found that many of them would be perfect for a calendar. A little plying around with the computer and we got a calendar ready for 2018. 
It is printable on A4 and Letter format, and free to download. If you want a printed version let us know, and we'll print it out for you and send it to you. Of course we'll have to charge you for the printout and shipping, but at the very reasonable price of 7$

Download the A4 version here.

Download the Letter version here.

Litterally putting a new face on fishing

  • Category: News
  • Published: Monday, 07 April 2014 19:49
  • Written by Super User
  • Hits: 3847

Storaure02Welcome to the Countryfisher's main website. We started out in 2008 as a fishing guide service, but have evolved from that to become a full fledged chain of webshops, and supplier of fishing gear. We litterally have put a new face on fishing world wide by out development of realistic 3D eyes. We suggested for our manufacturer of 3D eyes that they use photo's of real fish eyes and holographic film as base for a new series of eyes for lures, flies and jigs. 

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